Geometry in design and art: Platonic Solids

platonic solids

Many of the big thinkers throughout history had a passion for geometry. It preoccupied not just philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers like Plato, Archimedes and Kepler, but also artists such as Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Durer. It is useful to have a basic understanding of geometry as an artist, but even more so if you are aspiring to be a great designer. We can learn about the five perfect solids from Plato’s Timaeus, they are often called the Platonic Solids. All of the five shapes look the same viewed from any vertex (corner point), their faces are made of the same regular shape and every edge is identical. Three of the five shapes are made of equilateral triangles, and got their names in function of the number of faces. Tetrahedron has four, octahedron has eight and the icosahedron has twenty equilateral triangles. The other two are the cube, and the dodecahedron, which is constructed of twenty regular pentagonal faces. Plato associated these five perfect solids with the five elements — fire, water, air, earth and “…the fifth construction which God used for embroidering the constellations on the whole heaven.” Continue reading

6 beginner kicking tips for Kickboxing/MMA

bruce-leeKicking is an important part of most combat sports and martial arts, it is almost like a trademark, you can notice it incorporated in most dojo logos. Just type in “martial arts logo” in any search engine, switch to images and you can see that most of the logos are depicting a generic karateka in some sort of kicking position. Kicks can be really spectacular but they also are a powerful tool to possess in combat. They are effective for controlling the distance between you and your opponent, and also for long range attacks. Continue reading

10 Powerful Art Books Worth Killing For



I love reading art books. Reading the words on the page written by a master has something magical about it. I can almost hear him talking to me, guiding me, correcting my mistakes. Sometimes I even feel like I enjoy reading art books more than making art — yeh, I know, sad but unfortunately true —. That is obviously the other end of the spectrum, and not a terribly productive passion, but reading art books is a great habit for every artist to have. Continue reading

Martial Arts vs MMA?


The concept of taking what works from every style and combining it into a unified system is a beautiful one. Bruce Lee was revolutionizing martial arts using the same concept back in the 60’s. He was building Jeet Kune Do by borrowing moves from Wing Chun, Boxing, Savate, Judo and other styles. Imi Lichtenfeld did the same thing when he developed his self-defense system. He used his training as a boxer and wrestler as a means of defending the Jewish quarter against fascist groups in Bratislava. His style, the Krav Maga, was developed for the Israeli military and it consists of a wide combination of techniques from Boxing, Savate, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. Continue reading

Andrew Ken interview


The artist community is quite saturated these days and we can see it growing and expanding with every year that passes. The digital medium is a significant factor of this expansion. Some say it is a good thing, some say it is bad. Some are resisting it, others are embracing it. However the facts are that this medium added a huge number of artists to the community. More and more people are embracing their creativity and giving art a shot. This wave of new artists brought with itself a huge amount of artistic talent. People who fell in love with the digital medium sacrifice everything for art, and they are taking it to another level. Continue reading

Art and Vision

We stumble our way through reality with the help of our nervous system. Our brain creates a simulation for us from the data collected by our senses. One can just wonder, wouldn’t it be fascinating if we had more senses? Or what if our senses would be just slightly more sensitive? Let’s say we could perceive a slightly larger range of the electromagnetic spectrum with our eyes. How would seeing heat affect our everyday lives? Imagine how it would affect our fashion. Continue reading